Favorite Movie Quote

I love movies, they are truly one of favorite guilty pleasures so this Design Assignment was an obvious choice for me. The prompt involved adding our favorite movie quote to an image from the movie.
Honestly, it will be hard for me to document my process for this assignment because it just came to be so naturally. My favorite movie is Fight Club and I knew immediately what quote I wanted to use. The most difficult part was finding a photo I wanted to utilize but I eventually found one that would be easy to recognize for even someone who is only vaguely familiar with the film. Once I found an image I liked, I put it in Publisher and set about finding the right font for my text bubble. 
Enjoy and remember the first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about fight club!

Contradiction Creation

For this Design Assignment I was asked to create a “poster” with a contradictory quote on it. The first step was to find a graphic – I chose a beautiful image of the beach then I needed to add text that completely contradicted the image. Originally I considered “Animals Poop Here” because my best friend who passed away hated the beach for that very reason. Ultimately I decided on “USE LESS PLASTIC DAMNIT” because I thought it was not only an important message but it clashed against the serine beach scene.

One Story/Four Logos

This was another assignment that Professor Bond suggest we do; it asked me to to suggest a story using only 4 basic icons. I decided to use the class theme for this assignment and quickly whipped up a list of my favorite 80’s movies. I began to brainstorm icon ideas for The Shining, The breakfast Club, and Say Anything. I sketched some ideas and even played a word association game with my co-worker before making my final decision. Once I made my choice I then turned to thenounproject.com where I got my four logos before arranging them in Microsoft Publisher.
Below is my final result. Can you guess which movie I went with based off of the 3 I listed?:

Movie Poster Assignment

It was suggested that we complete this Design Assignment this week and I saw a great opportunity to work in the 80’s theme. I quickly Googled “80’s movies” to get the creative juices flowing before deciding on “Sixteen Candles” which is also one of my most favorite movies. I then went to Canva and began browsing templates and originally looked at movie poster templates but they were too busy. Then I saw the one I decided on, under school poster and it was so perfectly 80’s I knew it was the one. I then added the simplest image I could think of: a birthday cake.
Enjoy, and if you have never watch Sixteen Candles please, please, please do so.

Radio Show Ideas

So in case you missed it another teaser trailer dropped for Stranger Things session 4 today. You can watch it here! I’m obsessed with Stranger Things because I love the 80’s music and “lingo”. I don’t have any clear ideas for a radio show just yet but I love the idea of channeling Stranger Things by using great 80’s music and pop culture.

Week 5 Summary

This week we focused on Audio Assignments which is definitely out of my wheel house. I downloaded and played extensively with Audacity which was very user friendly and intuitive. I recorded myself a fair bit which is not something I enjoy but I faced these assignments head on in the pursuit of my degree!

For Audio Assignments I created:
A Radio Bumper
A Sound Effect Story
A Relaxation Track
A 80’s Radio Commercial and
An Auditory Hell!

Additionally I made some Daily Creates on Twitter where I:
Tweeted my favorite Christmas gift
Insulted a celebrity (goodness, I hate Johnny Depp)
Drew an adorable heart for Valentines Day

Despite the insane amount of work and stress this week brought my way it was a lot of fun to learn a new skill (Audacity) and listen to same great stories. Happy Friday Digital Story Tellers!

Auditory Hell

This was a pretty straight forward Audio Assignment: “Create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever. ” Obviously, there is only one answer here…NAILS. ON. CHALKBOARDS. So I downloaded 3 different audio clips from freesound.org of nails scratching chalkboards but then I did the unthinkable and I over-laid them together for literally the worst sound ever. If you are reading this, I beg you, please don’t listen!!

80’s Product Radio Commerical

As I previously mentioned in my Radio Bumper post I really don’t like recording my own voice so these projects are nerve wracking for me. Despite my apprehension this was fun to work on.
For this I assignments I was asked to make a radio commercial advertisment for a product created in the 80’s. When I first read the description I knew almost immediately what product I wanted to make my ad for but I needed to check that It was actually an 80’s product. Happily Nintendo created the first GameBoy in 1989 so I could move forward with my radio commercial!
Thank goodness for freesounds.org and other nerds out there I was able to find some great Nintendo sounds to use for this project.

Radio Bumper

The purpose of this blog is to provide insight into our thought process when creating our content for this course so I suppose I should be honest, I did not enjoy this assignment. I hate recording my own voice, it’s just so cringy! But I did it and I plan to tackle another Audio Assignment this weeks that involves my own voice in the name of education.

I hope you enjoy my (very cringy) voice in this Radio Bumper I made for my made up station on CRL Radio – The Fun Station. The name is not particularly clever, just my initials and how I would like to think of myself as described (fun).

Moon Graffiti & ds106 radio reflection

This week we listened to “Moon Graffiti” and our choice of ds106 radio (I chose to tune in Thursday). Both of these stories were fascinating to listen to and the experience was only amplified by the lack of visual. Both stories were terrifying for very different reasons (the thought of dying on the moon and being confused and alone in a foreign country) and the audio used gave me goosebumps. I listen to a lot of audio books because I love to read but also spend a great deal of time in my car, however sometimes the listening experience can be a little flat, however these were far from flat. I have no experience when it comes to going to space or visiting France but the use of background noise (the control panel in the space station, the busy Parisian streets) made me feel connected to the story almost as if I actually knew those sounds from my own experience.

Both stories exemplified great story-telling. At no point did I feel like I was being short changed by the lack of visuals- the same sense that reading a great book doesn’t make you yearn for actual audio, your internal narrative is enough. I am an avid horror fan and I know that sound plays a huge part in adding suspense and sometimes genuine fear. There were points when listening to Thursday nights radio-tweet-along that I got actual chills because of the sounds used – very impressive!