Gettin’ Creative

Assignment Bank Project 1:
For this particular assignment I let my squirrel-like attention span lead the way. While scrolling though the “Fanfic Assignments” a Bob’s Burger’s writing prompt caught my attention . As Bob’s Burgers is one of my favorite shows so I couldn’t resist that particular writing activity, and really, who doesn’t love a good erotic Friend Fiction? Despite my lack of thinking it through, I quickly realized I had made the right choice by selecting that prompt because I had a hoot combining two of my favorite 80’s television shows. What follows below is the background information for my Fanfiction- think of it like the summary printed on the back cover of a book. By keeping it intentionally vague I hope my readers will be able to fill in the remaining story line with their own imagination. Happy reading!

Murder at 6151 Richmond Street?:
After years of working as a successful sleuth and mystery journalist in Maine, Jessica Fletcher has decided that her days of catching murders are behind her. Seeking solace in a warmer location Jessica heads to Miami, Florida where she soon meets Blanche Devereaux. Blanche is a widow who has opened her home to a group of women of similar ages and backgrounds. Fletcher and Devereaux immediately hit it off an decide that Fletcher should join the household as well. Fletcher quickly acclimates to life with the other residents; Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak, and Dorothy’s mother Sophia Petrillo. Things are going great and cheesecake is being enjoyed by all until under mysterious circumstance Sophia vanishes into thin air. Though Jessica has put her mystery solving days behind her she realizes that the group of women she has come to love over the last few months needs her skills more than ever. By using their combined skills the Golden Girls work with Fletcher to crack the case all while hoping it won’t be murder she wrote….

Assignment Bank Project 2:
Okay, I have a confession to make…I am a CDS major with next to no digital skills. If I am being completely honest I am just the creative type. A few semesters ago I took a photoshop/digital art class and I struggled with BIG time. I like direction, I like clear guidelines, I frankly like being told what to do so when I am give vague directions that are intended to spark creativity I tend to freak the hell out. PHEW, now that that is off my chest I hope you understand that what you are about to witness below is not my finest work but I wanted to dust off my Adobe Illustrator skills and see what I could work out. So without further ado I present to you…. America Runs on Starbucks.

Assignment Bank Project #3:
To makeup for the monstrosity that is the above logo mashup I decided to dabble in a project I felt much more comfortable with but for a twist I decided to use a program I had never used before. For project 3 I opted to design and event poster under the Design Assignments section. To tie it to the 80’s theme we are using for the semester I decided to promote a fake tour of 80’s cover bands – this was fun because the names are a riot! Honestly, I wish this event was real because it sounds like a great deal of fun.

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