Moon Graffiti & ds106 radio reflection

This week we listened to “Moon Graffiti” and our choice of ds106 radio (I chose to tune in Thursday). Both of these stories were fascinating to listen to and the experience was only amplified by the lack of visual. Both stories were terrifying for very different reasons (the thought of dying on the moon and being confused and alone in a foreign country) and the audio used gave me goosebumps. I listen to a lot of audio books because I love to read but also spend a great deal of time in my car, however sometimes the listening experience can be a little flat, however these were far from flat. I have no experience when it comes to going to space or visiting France but the use of background noise (the control panel in the space station, the busy Parisian streets) made me feel connected to the story almost as if I actually knew those sounds from my own experience.

Both stories exemplified great story-telling. At no point did I feel like I was being short changed by the lack of visuals- the same sense that reading a great book doesn’t make you yearn for actual audio, your internal narrative is enough. I am an avid horror fan and I know that sound plays a huge part in adding suspense and sometimes genuine fear. There were points when listening to Thursday nights radio-tweet-along that I got actual chills because of the sounds used – very impressive!

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