Movie Poster Assignment

It was suggested that we complete this Design Assignment this week and I saw a great opportunity to work in the 80’s theme. I quickly Googled “80’s movies” to get the creative juices flowing before deciding on “Sixteen Candles” which is also one of my most favorite movies. I then went to Canva and began browsing templates and originally looked at movie poster templates but they were too busy. Then I saw the one I decided on, under school poster and it was so perfectly 80’s I knew it was the one. I then added the simplest image I could think of: a birthday cake.
Enjoy, and if you have never watch Sixteen Candles please, please, please do so.

4 Replies to “Movie Poster Assignment”

  1. Sixteen Candles is one of my most favorite movies too! I really like your poster design. It reminds me of the 80’s. I also really like how the main color is pastel pink, just like the promos for the movie and Sam’s dress in the end.

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