Oh, to be me

I decided for my final 5 stars I would create my own video assignment. I am calling it “Oh, to be me” and I created it by taking some of the clips of footage I already had on my phone and editing them together to tell a short 1 minute story of what its like “to be me”. I kept a lot of last weeks videos in my mind when editing this montage and when I considered “where to make the cut”. Additionally, I had to play with the sounds a lot for this video as I didn’t want any jarring audio to be heard over the methodical music. Because each video was filmed at a different time and place I had to adjust the audio for each clip individually. For example the shots of my kayaking were much quieter than the one from the GOT7 concert.
Honestly, I really liked this and if I had had more time to prepare I would have found different videos and done a longer video but I am still pleased at the little snippet it was able to put together. Enjoy a minute as me!!

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  1. This was so cool! I arguably take way too many pictures and videos just of fun, but love when I can use use them towards a project. I love your final product and how you edited everything together!

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