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One of my favorite things to do is watch movies or T.V. shows from decades gone by and assess how they would be different if they had modern day technology. For example, a number of years ago I was watching Stephen King’s Cujo at Halloween when my 9 year old stepson came in and joined me. After a few minutes he asked “why didn’t they just use their cell phone to call for help” and I had to explain that cell phones didn’t exist (or weren’t readily available) at the time.
Similarly, I am sure you have seen the comic below that shows how Home Alone would be completely different with modern technology.

That being said, I think for the final project it would be fun to take an iconic scene from the 80’s or scenario likely to happen during the decade and rework it to be more modern. An example might be that instead of the scene in Say Anything where Lloyd stands outside Diane’s bedroom with his GIANT boombox playing “In Your Eyes” he just sends her the link to the Youtube video.

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