Week 4 Summary

So concludes another week is DS 106. This week we focused our efforts on photography which is something I really enjoy as I have been surrounded by it my whole life (my dad is a professional photographer). We began with the Photoblitz assignment that I admittedly did last. That was fun and I’m pretty sure that if any of my co-workers saw me in action running around the office taking photos they think I’m insane now.

Additionally, I completed 12 stars worth of Visual Assignments which included:
A Combophoto
Three Secret Agents
My Dream Concert and
Myself as a Collage

There were also some Daily Creates where I:
Reflected on icecream flavors
Animated a fairy tale (badly) and
Dropped some octopus facts

Overall, a fun week that required some creativity and shamelessly running around my workplace on a lunch break snapping photos. Additionally, I practiced with Adobe Photoshop again with two of my Visual Assignments which challenged me to not only push myself but to admit defeat when necessary and ask for help.
See y’all next week for another update!

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